Find returns for your business

Sessions at CCJ Symposium are designed to bring measurable returns to your company in 2017 that:

✔ Generate fuel savings of 1.5% without engine degradation

✔ Slash early driver turnover by 75%

✔ Reduce diagnostic time by 70%

✔ Reduce repair times by more than 20%

✔ Increase shop efficiency by 25%
✔ Create faster check-in time at service providers 
✔ Reduce equipment repair downtime by 50% 
✔ Lower overhead costs and increase up-time 

Hear what past attendees are saying about CCJ Symposium!


“I am amazed by the quality of speakers and the input that I get, plus the opportunity to meet other people in the industry. Every year I change something in my company based on what I hear.”

--Past Fleet Attendee

"What always seems attractive to me is the content brought out of these meetings. And it's a mixture of content based on industry issues, government issues and then specific technology that's coming out."

--Kevin Ricksanrud, Executive Vice President Operations, EPES Transport

“This is like the fifth year in a row that I’ve been here. I can’t say enough good things about the Symposium, a great agenda - all very pertinent issues, important issues, for transportation companies today."

--Terry McAdams, Bulkmatic Transport

“A great job of bringing industry leaders together to talk about the issues and problems within the industry and how we can solve them."

--Brent Nussbaum, Nussbaum Trucking

“I gotta tell you I’ve been really wowed by all the speakers. Really the pinnacle for me was one of the breakout sessions on business intelligence . . . that information can maybe really revolutionize the industry.”

--Brandon Kohlwes, American Central Transport

"Finally, a fleet conference that focuses on return on investment."